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Mrs John K. Waters (Daughter of Gen. Patton) at a War Prisoners Aid event
Packing books for prisoners of war at warehouse
War Prisoners Aid
War Prisoners Aid advertisement
War Prisoners Aid, Arrival of Mail
War Prisoners Aid band
War Prisoners Aid camp scene
War Prisoners Aid, Entertainment, Theater
War Prisoners Aid, Germany
War Prisoners Aid, Germany
War Prisoners Aid group
War Prisoners Aid, Next of Kin meetings
War Prisoners Aid, Packing books to send to prisoners of war
War Prisoners Aid recreation
War Prisoners Aid YMCA
General and Administrative. Boys' Work Reports. Boys' Work in WWII Articles and Reports, 1939-1945 (Box 14, Folder 6)
General and Administrative. Boys' Work Reports. Boys' Work in WWII Articles and Reports, 1939-1945 (Box 14, Folder 7)
Jewish War Veterans scrapbook 1939-1945.
Short, Lloyd M. Reports (Box 14, Folder 14)
Aiding : national defense
A Nation united by telephone
A New opportunity for experienced mechanics and radiomen : make sure by enlisting now : here is your opportunity : i
Be a volunteer farmer
Denmark : unconquered, though captive
Do your fighting with the air forces : the new officers training plan is open to all men : here's how to serve Amer
From El Alamein to Tunis more than 300,000 Axis troops aurrender : the flag of : victory : flies over Africa
I said to a man ... "give me a light that I may tread safely into the unknown ..." : "I have nothing to offer but :
Jobs in naval aviation : jobs in naval aviation : keep 'em flying!
Life blood : you : may save a baby's life : blood is a priority of peace, too!
Make nursing your war job : -- it's war work with a future : see details overleaf
Nigeria Review supplement : uniforms of Britain's fighting services : uniforms of the royal navy and the merchant na
Our wounded need help! : ten ways you can release nurses for military service
Protect America's production : safe packing correct making careful handling secure loading : perfect shipping month
Stop him! : careless fires can lose the war
Tel est l'aspect du bolchevisme
Thank God you can give! : war chest : of Hennepin county : October 13 to 19
The Gestapo v. Christianity : German bishop warns Reich -- Nazi terrorism denounced to German congregation
The Saturday Evening Post presents the four freedoms ... : cover man : by Jack Alexander
They cared for freedom ... I'll care for them! : "give us healing hands and a courageous heart" : yes ... the United
What can you spare that they can wear? : give clothing for war relief : United National clothing collection for over
"Nunca na Historia da Guerra, tantos deveram tanto a tao poucos." Winston Churchill, 1940
Materials regarding Boy Scouts (Box 7, Folder 14)
United States World War II Materials. (Box 1, Folder 7)
T.S. Roberts. Messages, Speeches and radio talks, Season reports, Oct. 15, 1939 - Nov. 15, 1945 (Box 45, Folder 404)
The British Commonwealth: one vast production plant : the mighty war effort of the British Commonwealth
5000 Danish seamen sailing for United Nations on 800,000 tons of Danish ships
A British "Blenheim" bomber of the coastal command aids a British destroyer in smashing a German submarine
A British eighth army soldier, bronze head by Jo Davidson
A Few careless words may end in this--many lives were lost in the last war through careless talk : be on your guard!
All aboard! : buy victory bonds