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Morrill, James Lewis
Morrill, James Lewis
Morrill, James Lewis
Morrill, James Lewis
Canal Grandidier Y Estrechos De Bismarck Y Pendleton
De Islas Torre y Baja A Archipiélago Melchior
Estrechos Pendleton Y Matha-Bahias Hanusse Y Darbel
Pacific Ocean
Sheet 35-Western Hemisphere Planning Maps
South Atlantic Ocean
Western Hemisphere
A Symbolic Analysis of Relay and Switching Circuits (by Claude E. Shannon), 1952, 1956. (Box 68, Folder 9)
The Construction of Living Robots, 1952, 1956. (Box 68, Folder 6)
Illustration of Alice Childress.
Field Notes. Alaska field notes (Box 3, Folder 104)
Field Notes. Glacier Bay (Box 4, Folder 114)
Glacier Bay, Alaska. A Contribution to the History of Glacier Bay National Monument (Box 2, Folder 48)
Group Conversation, Creative Maturity Project, 1956. (Box 21, Folder 4)
Group Conversation, Manhattanville Project, 1956. (Box 21, Folder 5)
Ecolab, Annual Report, 1956