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Pillsbury, John Sargent
Captain Thomas Valentine Sullivan, who organized the Boston YMCA, at the age of thirty.
Ames, Alfred Elisha
Kabul (from Siah Sung)
Back of Residency, Balar [Bala] Hissar
Bala Hissar, Old Palace
Balar [Bala] Hissar Gate
Bridge over Cabul [Kabul] River
British camp, Zaidabad [Saidabad]
Cantonements, 1842, Saidabad [Zaidabad]
Captured Guns, Kabul
Fort Maidan
Front of Residency, Balar [Bala] Hissar
Gateway, Balar [Bala] Hissar, leading to city
Hills and Camp, Zaidabad [Saidabad]
Hills, Zaidabad [Saidabad]
Interior of Residency, Balar [Bala] Hissar
Kabul (from Asmai Hills)
Kabul, from Bala Hisar [Hissar]
Kabul (from Siah Sung)
Lahore Gate, Cabul [Kabul]
Magazine near Balar [Bala] Hissar gate
Maidan Valley
Noonday Gun
North East of Sherpur
Old Palace, Balar [Bala] Hissar
Part of Balar [Bala] Hissar
Part of Sherpur
Part of Sherpur showing Aliabad Kotal
Residency, showing scaffold
Sappers Bastion, Sherpur
Sherpur from Asmai Hills
Tomb near Balar [Bala] Hissar gate
Wall, Balar [Bala] Hissar
West Gateway, Sherpur
West of Sherpur
George Williams
Buck, A. Z.
Main Street, St. Anthony, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Northrop, Cyrus
Dunsmoor, Dr. Frederick Alanson
George H. Stuart, first president of the Philadelphia YMCA
William Chauncy Langdon
Peebles, Thomas
Peebles, Thomas
St. Anthony Village
St. Anthony Village
St. Anthony Village
St. Anthony Village
View of St. Anthony from the Winslow House, Minneapolis, Minnesota
View of St. Anthony from the Winslow House, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Baltimore, Maryland, first Young Men's Christian Association building, 1859
Ames, Alfred Elisha
Frankforter, Dr. George Bell
Anthony Bowen, 1809-1871
Association Hall at the New York City YMCA
Association Hall at the New York City YMCA
Dodge, William E.
John Wanamaker
Lee, Thomas George
Lee, Thomas George
Lee, Thomas George
William E. Dodge Jr.
First supply base, United States Christian Commission, Civil War
Headquarters of the United States Christian Commission in the field, 1864.
Jones, Robert Taylor
David C. Bell, first president of the Minneapolis YMCA, circa 1866-1900.
E.V.C. Eato
Johnston, John Black
Old Main. Minneapolis Campus
Schaper, William August
Old 23rd Street branch, New York City
Shanghai YMCA Lobby
Center Block Building, first home of the Minneapolis YMCA
Cornelius Vanderbilt II, 1843-1899
Dwight L. Moody
George Williams
McBurney, Robert R.
Portraits, 1870s-1970s. (Box 107, Folder 10)
Portraits, 1870s-1970s. (Box 107, Folder 43)
Portraits, 1870s-1970s. (Box 107, Folder 45)
Richard C. Morse
YMCA, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
The Cleveland, Ohio, Railroad Station, 1872, birthplace of the Railroad "Y"
Portrait of Lenin
Robertson, Harold Eugene
Lacy, Charles Y.
Class of 1875
Ely, Helen Mar (Mrs. H.M. Williamson)
McDonald, Charles S.
Walker, Versal J.
Walker, Versal J.
General George D. Johnston
Stephen Jones, Indian secretary
Bassett, William L.
Marston, Moses
Marston, Moses
Birthplace of the intercollegiate movement of the American Young Men's Christian Associations, Fourth and Chestnut Streets, Louisville, Kentucky, 1877.
Currie, Eben A.
Eustis, Fred