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World War I. War Emergency Fund income and expenditure accounts, 1915-1920. (Box 42, Folder 3)
John Smith Journal 19, Supplementary Texts. Account by acre of Thomas Miller's land, No Date
John Smith Journal 21, Supplementary Texts. Accounting for medicines from Cooper & Taylor purchased by John Smith, 1784-04 - 1784-05-17
Account of a Portuguese plan to invade the port of Buenos Aires., July 31, 1649
Account book itemizing the sale and expenditures of the Junta de Temporalidades of Potosi between 1770 and 1775., 1809.
A Brief Account of the Massacre of the English att Judda, and the Subsequent Transactions - 1727
Account of taxes on lands belonging to John Adams, and formerly the property of Anthony Crothers in Buckingham Township, Wayne County.
Visita and account of two victories obtained by the mission Amerindians. The first in Borere (sic) and Burua, the other in Apiterebio., 1641-1642
Account relating to Don Fray Bernardino de Cardenas, bishop of Paraguay., date unknown
Account of revolt in Corrientes., October 6th, 1766.