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1946-1947 List of Resorts that Select or Restrict Clientele, Duluth Jewish Council, Duluth, Minnesota
Clark Gardner Nurseries, 1920 price list
Documents and receipts relating to official work. Provenance: Algeciras. October 15, 1782.
Ecclesiastical Affairs. Documents related to chaplaincies. List of payments paid to a "capellanaria".
Family of Don José Gallego, Papers. Maria Gertrudis Diez y Alvarez. Miscellaneous Affairs. List of taxes owed to Maria Alvares from her farm properties.
General list of the Jesuits expelled via Buenos Aires., September 6th, 1767.
Government Business. Village of Horche.  A listing of real estate titles.
Iowa Seed Co., 1905 Bargain List
John Smith Journal 10, Supplementary Texts. List of average prices of corn and wheat, Tetbury market, from 30 March 1771, 1771-07-23
John Smith Journal 18, Supplementary Texts. Italian grammar, translation practice (recto); Acreage listing at North Field (verso), No Date