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Petition to Junta Superior of Havana regarding various properties., November 26th, 1805.
Petition for the interdiction placed upon Bethemites regarding the wearing of the Carmelite scapular be lifted., June 21st, 1738.
Petition for rents owed., 1644.
Petition for payment of the services of the Alcalde Mayor in assessing and liquidating various Jesuit haciendas., 1774-1775.
Petition for encomienda of her deceased husband, Gabriel de Escobar Castellanos., 1726.
Petition for deanship (?) in the church in Cordoba., August 6th, 1686.
Petition for assistance from the settlers in holding back the Portuguese., 1639.
Documents and receipts relating to official work. Provenance: Buenos Aires. Dec. 6, 1821.
Carta de hermano Syndico de Jerusalen