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Zoographic Map of the South American Zoo
Woolly Monkey
Wood Duck
Winter Wilderness
Venus Flytrap
The Paddle
The Hay Barn
Sunday on the Wannigan (Basswood Lodge)
State Trooper and Doctor
Squirrel Chewing on Red Fir Tree Cone
Spider Monkey
Snow Covered Road
Sea Lion
Puma and Pelican
Plants With Snow on Them
Patagonian Cavy
Nesting Birds
Moose in Swamp
Moose at Wood's Edge
Mine at Flin Flon
Marine Iguanas
Mallard at Midnight
Home With Trees Surrounding It
Gull over Beach
Giant Tortoise
Giant Armadillo
Geese in a Line
Exhilaration on the Trail
Egrets and Dolphins
Cotton Rat
Cliff Formation
Chimney Swifts
Cheakamus Canyon Near Frasier Pass
Canoeists in Rapids
Canada Jack
Black Terns
Black Duck Taking Off from a North Woods Pond
Barren Ground Caribou
Androsace septentrionalis
Anaconda and Capybaras
Abandoned Lumber Camp