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Welcome--It Starts with the Word
Thanksgiving: Saints, Strangers, Heathen, and Turkey
Thanksgiving - Luke 17
Sheep, Shepherd, or Hired Hand?
Sermon: Untitled Sunday Sermon
Remarks by Lee Stuart for Peace Church, Nov. 21, 2020
Pride Sunday
Phil Knutson's Funeral
Phil Knutson Coming Out Letter
One Family's Story
Matthew 22
Matt 25 - Parable of the Talents
John 1
Installation of Program Executive Bob Gibeling
I Do Choose, 2
I Do Choose
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Grandma, Bugs, and Drag Queens
Ephesians 2
Crumbs from the Master's Table
Bread, Hands, and Hearts
Acts 10, Texas Lutheran Sermon #2)
Acts 1