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Zwig Walzer
Zwei Sonaten (Pastorale und Capriccio) für Pianoforte
White Christmas
Whispers in the Dark
Whirl Wind Polka
Wer Wird Denn Weinen, Wenn Man Auseinandergeht
Water Boy, A Negro Convict Song
Vier Specialstudien für die Linke Hand Allein
Verklungene Melodie by Marta Linz
Valse Gracieuse
Two Piano Solos
Twilight Interlude
Twenty Kentucky Mountain Songs
Trois Grandes Etudes
Tiger Rag
They Go Wild, Simply Wild Over Me
The Witches' Dance
The Winter Garden Rag
The Will Rossiter "Original" Dance Calls
The Wiffenpoof Song
The Vampire
The Tyrolese Air Copenhagen Waltz
The Sun Dance
The Sun Dance
The Sun Dance
The Soldier's Daughter
The Shovel Fish Rag
The Serious Family Polka
The Second Book of Negro Spirituals
The Rich Mr. Hoggenheimer
There's A Small Hotel
The Rainbow Dance
The Photoplay Organist
The Mysterious Stranger
The Love-Waltz
The "Jewel" Dance Folio No. 1
"The False Accusation" sheet music
The Fairy Lake
The Dude's March
The Chieftain Polka by R.R. Kinkee
The Camptown Races
The Bumble Bee
The Book of American Negro Spirituals
The Bird-Note Galop
The Best Things In Life Are Free
That's Love
Thanks For The Memory