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An Appeal : by the joint board... : to trade unionists : who are ex-non-commissioned officers of any branch of his m
Boys and girls! : you can help your Uncle Sam win the war : save your quarters : buy war savings stamps
Enlistment in the regular army. : change of conditions for infantry of the line. : till further orders: : height --
Enlistment in the regular army. : height now reduced to normal standard for infantry of the line. : conditions till
G. R. : offer your services : now : our brave soldiers at the front need your help
G. R. : the new armies : more men are needed at once : complete the second half-million and ensure success abroad an
G. R. : "we want more men" : another half million : urgently needed : join to-day
If the cap fits : you : join the army : to-day.
Men wanted for the Army : apply at : U.S. recruiting station 1345 Arch St., Phila., PA. : recruiting station
November, 1914. : Britain's new million army : complete the second half million. : to-day there are upwards of 500,0
"Punch," November 11, 1914. : "a glorious example." : able-bodied civilian (to territorial). : "that ought to give y
"Punch," October 21, 1914. : the greater game : Mr. Punch (to professional association player). : "no doubt you can
"Punch," September 2, 1914. : to arms! : recruiting-sergeant punch. : "now, my lads, your country wants you. who's f
"This is not the time to play games" : (Lord Roberts) : rugby union footballers are doing their duty : over 900 have
U.S. Marines : first to hoist Old Glory on foreign soil : join them for overseas duty : enlist at location left bla
U.S. Marines : "soldiers of the sea" : for full information apply : recruiting station : 41 Washington Avenue, So.,
We're both needed to serve the guns! : fill up the ranks! : pile up the munitions!
Will they never come? : reprinted from "The Weekly Dispatch" (November 22nd, 1914)
$100,000 "Sun" Tobacco Fund : we did our "bit" to reach the first one hundred thousand mark -- now we are going to h
#1 for 15'6 : If you cannot fight -- lend your money : go to the post office to-day
#1 for 15/6 : to the men and women of England : you can help your country and yourself at the same time... : in 1 ye
#1 for 15/6 : up to #500 for #387... : free of income tax... : how your money grows... : you can always withdraw you
#1 for 15/6 war saving certificates : help your country... and help yourself... : every 15/6 you put in... : in 1 ye
2 1/2 million starving : Armenian -- Syrian -- Women -- Children : 17 cents a day will save a life!
25000 boys wanted for the biggest job on earth : join the Pennsylvania Division United States Boys' Working Reserve
4 minute men : a message from the government at Washington : Committee on Public Information
4 minute men : a message from Washington : Committee on Public Information
$5.00 W.S.S. for $4.12 : will cost 1? more each month after Feb.1st 1918 : save and buy for cash or installment plan
6 reasons why you should save : 1. ... help our soldiers... 2. ... spend on things you do not need you help the Germ
7 in 1 give! : one year to get our boys home : keep them well
7 in 1 : United War Work Campaign
A Boy from this home has enrolled in the Victory Boys to earn and give to make our fighters fit
A Call for volunteers! aid the National Army men! : men are needed to aid 600,000 New York City members of National
A Call to the colors : America's second line of defense girls in wartime will tell you "what America expects of her
A Clean sweep! : demonstration. : Royal Albert Hall : on Tuesday, Nov. 5th, at 8:30 p.m., : to demand the unconditio
Aeolian Hall, : in aid of the Church Army Fund for huts on the western front. : Wednesday, December 19 : a concert
After the welcome home-- a job!
A Girl from this home has enrolled in the Victory Girls to earn and give to make our fighters fit
Alhambra Theatre : Tuesday, January 14 at 2.30 : grand naval matinee : in aid of the Navy League : ... "Jolly Jack T
A Little starving child brought back to life because you went without some luxury : all of the Red Cross War Fund go
All British born Jews : (who have not enlisted) : follow the example of other Jews, and : enlist now. : come any day
"All in the day's work." : enlist in the United States Marine Corps for interesting duty -- land, sea, or sky.
All registered men will be called for war service in some branch of the Army, but they can enlist in the U.S. Navy p
America is infested with spies! : read Gerard's second great book : commencing Feb. 24 : public ledger
American -- British -- French -- Belgian : Permanent Blind Relief War Fund for soldiers and sailors : American secti
American Duryea War Relief
American Field Service
American food pledge : 20 million tons : we have promised to feed the hungry millions of Europe -- the allies and li
American Guard "the third line of defense" : for boys -- 14 to 18 yrs..
"Americani ed Italiani combattono spalla a spall per un unico scopo" : Compriamo Liberty Bonds....
American Library Association : library war service
American Library Association : library war service
American Library Association : library war service
American Library Association : library war service
Americans! : eyes open! mouths shut! : help win the war by obeying these rules. Do not repeat any rumors concerning
America's answer : second United States Official war picture : presented by the Division of Films : Committee on Pub
America's food pledge : 20 million tons
America's tribute to Britain
"America : the hope of all who suffer -- the dread of all who wrong." : Whittier : save food and defeat frightfulnes
Amerika szabadsaga a mi szabadsagunk. : vedelmezzuk meg hat es : vegyunk Liberty Bond-ot
An Appeal by this railroad system to it's 225,000 men : the management reiterates its position favoring the settleme
An Appeal to good sportsmen : the need for more recruits for our army is very urgent... three millions of men with n
Ann Fulton Y.W.C.A. : 115 Fulton Street : the Chintz room: a quiet restaurant : club luncheon and a la carte : men a
Announcement regarding Thrift and War Savings Stamps : our government has again called upon each of us to help in fi
Another call : "more men and still more : until the enemy is : crushed" : Lord Kitchener.
Another half million men wanted at once
Another notch Chateau Thierry : U.S. Marines
Answer the Christmas roll call : all you need is a heart and a dollar : Join the Red Cross
Anti-Aircraft Corps : Royal Naval Air Service : all men rejected for medical reasons for h.m. army are invited to ap
Arbitration brings industrial peace : workmen and employers find benefits in "get-to-gethers" : Minnesota points way
Are we happy? : join the National Guard : and see!
Are you answering the call? : for particulars apply at the British-Canadian Recruiting Mission : 410 2nd Ave. So. Mi
Are you doing yours? : United States Food Administration
Are you helping the Germans? : you are helping the Germans : when you use a motor car for pleasure... : set the righ
Are you in this?
Are you one of us? : they are looking to us for help : add your bit to the Red Cross War Fund
Are you saving for the children? : save for their education and give them a start in life. : buy war savings certifi
Armenia : by G. E. Woodberry
Artillery spotters watching battlefield
As a war measure this country is asking of women service as farmers...
A "slacker" is one who won't do his duty : a "slicker" is one who makes a bluff at doing it in a safe and easy way.
A Stitch in time : 4th Liberty Loan
At the front! : every fit Briton should join our brave men at the front. : enlist now.
At the sign of the red triangle : the Y.M.C.A. keeps the home ties from breaking ; help take the red triangle to our
Automobile drivers do your bit! drive a motor truck for Uncle Sam
Avenge Scarborough! : up and at 'em : now : the wholesale murder of innocent women and children demands vengeance. m
Avez vous place dans votre coeur pour nous? : "Have you room in your heart for us." : Fatherless Children of France,
Await with interest! : G.F. Sexton's second all=day performance for the "Diehards'" (Middlesex regiment) memorial fu
Back from the : trenches : state lecture tours : auspices of the United States Food Administration
Back him up with your Liberty Bonds : the safest investment in the world
Back our girls over there : Y.W.C.A. United War Work Campaign
Back up our boys with your Liberty Bond : you buy Liberty Bonds and Uncle Sam's boys will do the rest!
Back up the boys in the trenches -- enrol to-day for National Service : forms for offer of services may be had at al
Bad form in dress. : the national organizing committee for war savings appeals against extravagance in women's dress
Banca Italiana di Sconto : date denaro per la vittoria : la vittoria e la pace
Be a soldier of the soil : produce food conserve food dry and can food : apply National Emergency Food Garden Commis
Be a sportsman and lend a hand to the lads at the front. : they need your help!
Beat back the hun with liberty bonds
Be a U.S. Marine!
Be a war daddy = adopt a soldier : do your bit to make him fit to fight : subscribe to the War Camp Community Fund..