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American cookery and medicine,
American cookery, medicine, and domestic recipes,
American medical recipes,
A nonce collection of late 17th to 18th century French manuscripts, manuscript
English cookery and medicine,
English cookery and medicine, manuscript
English cookery, household hints, medicine, and diary :
English cookery, manuscript
English medicine, manuscript
Formulary, manuscript
Jesuit medicine and receipt book,
Les gouttes du general la motte, circa 1730-1733 : manuscript
Livre de medicamentes auteurs Grecce, Suisses, Allenmagne, Angleterre, France,
Livre deplussieurs remedes particulliers, manuscript
Receipt book,
Recepte buch von Friederike von Pollnitz ... Arzneymitteln ...,
Recettes de remedes eprouvés : manuscript
The first part of this booke of phisicke,
A compound and compend of medicine surgery &c / by John Burkitt.
American eighteenth century southern manuscript receipt book, [ca. 1772].