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Igaku jirin
Igaku jirin
Kokon Chūka isho benran
Journall kept by mee Charles Wylde purser in shipp Bonitto, beeing bound by Gods assistance from England, to the island Assada, on the west side of St. Lawrence, in latt. neerest 13°:00' N., and from thence to Fort St. George, at Madraspatam, on the coast of Choromandell, Michaell Pate command, February 4, 1649, to July 28, 1652.
Monument to Memory
Thoughts on the slavery of the Negroes
Minutes from the Orr farmers' co-op trading co.
Thoughts upon slavery
Letter to Kenneth J. Enkel
An essay on colonization, particularly applied to the western coast of Africa: with some free thoughts on cultivation and commerce