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13th Quarterly Report October 1-December 31, 1907 Arthur Rugh, Shanghai
1919 Report Letter, E. L. Hall, August 25, 1919
1922 Administrative Report, Sianfu, China. July 25, 1923.
1922 Annual Report of H. J. Rounds, Changsha, Hunan, China
1923 Administration Report of T. C. McConnell, Foochow, Fukien, China To The Foreign Department of The International Committee Of The North Amercian Young Men's Christian Association
1924 Report of Work, A. J. Brace, Y.M.C.A., Chengtu
1927 Annual Report, George E. Lerrigo, Regional Secretary, National Committee Y. M. C. A. China For South China
1934-1935 Annual report Dwight W. Peiping (Rendered Aug. 22, 1935)
1937 Administrative Report of E. H. Munson
1948-49 Administrative Report, Frank Cooley, Student Christian Center, Shapingpa, Chungking, China, August 31, 1949.
1992 Annual Report: YMCA of Greater New York
1998 Annual Report: YMCA of Greater New York
2005 Annual Report YMCA of Greater New York: So much a part of New York for over 150 years
20th Annual Report Presented January 1873
9th Annual Report of Robert E. Lewis, Secretary for Shanghai China for the year ending Sept. 30, 1906
Abbreviated Report of the Activities of the Young Men's Christian Association, Soochow, for the year ending August 31st 1922
A Breif Report Of The Work Of The Chungking Y.M.C.A. For The Year Ending December 1945
Abstract of Certain Significant facts taken from the Statistical Reports of the City Associations of China for the year ending December 31, 1924. November 1, 1925
Administration Report for 1922. R. M. Hersey, Tientsin, China
Administration Report for 1923, A. Waldie Holroyd, Kirin, Mancuria
Administration Report for 1923, Charles C. Shedd, Wu-Han, May 21, 1924
Administration Report for 1923, L. K. Hall, Shanghai, China
Administration Report for the year ending October 31, 1922, Egbert M. Hayes
Administration Report, J. C. Clark, November 26, 1921
Administration Report, October 12, 1920
Administration Report of E. H. Munson for the year ending Sept. 30, 1921
Administration Report of Wayne Jordan of Sianfu, Earlier Located at Wuchang, China
Administration Report of W. W. Lockwood, Shanghai, 1920
Administration Report to the Foreign Division of the International Committee for the year 1922 of Thomas C. McConnell, Foochow, Fukien, China
Administrative Letter, R. S. Hall, November 9, 1934
Administrative Report, 1922, J. L. McPherson, Hong Kong
Administrative Report 1925, J. C. Oliver, Hangchow, China
Administrative Report 1932-33, J. C. Oliver, Hangchow, China, May 1, 1933
Administrative Report, C. W. Petitt, Shanghai, China, November 1920
Administrative Report, Dwight W. Edwards, January 1, 1932-June 1, 1933
Administrative Report for 1923, March 15, 1924.
Administrative Report for 1923, R. W. Clack, Clear Lake, Iowa, March 31, 1924
Administrative Report for 1923, Thomas C. Blaisdell, Jr.
Administrative Report for 1927, E. H. Lockwood
Administrative Report for 1930, Y. M. C. A., Nanking, March 23, 1931
Administrative Report for 1937, E. H. Munson, July 8, 1938.
Administrative Report for the year 1933-34, Lyman Hoover, Student Department, YMCA, Peiping, China
Administrative Report From Lawrence Todnem, Tsinanfu, China, 1927
Administrative Report, June 30, 1949, Robbins Strong, Nanking, China
Administrative Report, Lennig Sweet, Peiping, China, June 10, 1933
Administrative Report, Lewis G. Bates, National Secretary for Physical Education, Y. M. C. A. Nanking, China, January 14, 1922
Administrative Report, May 4th, 1933, J. L. McPherson, Hong Kong
Administrative Report of C. E. Scofield For 1925
Administrative Report of E. H. Lockwood
Administrative Report of Eugene E. Barnett, 1925