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$1,000,000 national campaign for work among our soldiers and sailors : Dec. 2-9, 1917 : War Work Committee : the Sal
$100,000 "Sun" Tobacco Fund : we did our "bit" to reach the first one hundred thousand mark -- now we are going to h
10,000 Lakes or More - Boating Opportunities
100 Years of Student Drawings: John Cunningham, Jane Hession, and Katherine Solomonson, Dec. 2014
100 Years Sherlock Holmes
125th Anniversary Celebration, 1978. (Box 1, Folder 20)
125th Anniversary Celebration book, "Selected Black Leaders of the YMCA," 1978. (Box 1, Folder 21)
12th Semi-annual report, 1960-1961 (Box 2, Folder 21)
13 case of gastro-hysterotomy, various dates
13th Quarterly Report October 1-December 31, 1907 Arthur Rugh, Shanghai
14 ""delicious recipes"" made with Creamettes
150 recipes for apple dishes
15th Century, Eastern Hemisphere
15th Century, Eastern Hemisphere
16th Century, Ascension
16th Century, Cartagena
16th Century, Climate Zone Diagram
16th Century, East Africa and Indian Ocean
16th Century, Eastern Hemisphere
16th Century, Egypt