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18th Century, Africa
18th Century, Africa, Europe, and Asia
18th Century, Coast of Venezuela, Leeward Antilles, and Windward Islands
18th Century, Europe, Africa, Americas, and Atlantic Ocean
18th Century, Europe, Africa, North Atlantic Ocean, and Americas
18th Century, Europe, Western Africa, Atlantic Ocean, and South America
18th Century, Guianas and Lesser Antilles
18th Century, Guinea, Gulf of Guinea, and Central Africa
18th Century, Gulf of Mexico, Cuba, and Jamaica
18th Century, Mexico
18th Century, Mexico and Central America
18th Century, Mexico, Central America, Antilles, and Caribbean South America
18th Century, North Atlantic Ocean, Western Africa, Hispania, and Americas
18th Century, World
Letter to Padre Joseph Ignacio Gonzalez, November 22, 1763
Departure of Jesuits and obedience of mission Amerindians., November 13th, 1733.
Personal Correspondence. Letters to Gallego From Various Correspondents. To: Manuel Gallego. September 27, 1798. Madrid.
Liquidation of the Colegio de Santa Cruz de la Sierra, and the missions of Buena Vista, Moxos and Santa Rosa., 1768.
Letter relating to the expansion of missions and the reluctance of Don Espinosa, governor of Tucuman., Undated.
News from the missions., June 14th, 1763.