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Before Christ Church at Simla, India's charming Summer Capital in the Himalaya mountains
Hindu shepherds tending their flocks on sacred Mount Abu, the famous Dilwara temples in distance
Primitive native life of India--Hindu women grinding at the mills
Rickshaws before Christ Church, during service of prayer for King Edward, showing Town Hall, Simla
Simla, the beautiful Himalayan mountain resort, from the highway to Kalka, the nearest railway station (57 miles)
South front of Viceregal Lodge, Palace of the Viceroy, at Simla, the charming Summer Capital of India
Traveling on the roadway cut in the steep mountain-side between Simla and Naldera
Akbar's tomb, Sikandarah, India (Kohinoor was once set in pillar beyond kneeling man)
A land of romance--State barge of H. H. the Maharaj awaiting H. E. Lady Curzon at Museum, Cashmere
A Parsi schoolmaster and his class of boys, Island of Uran, N. W. toward Bombay
A rickshaw of the wealthy--at entrance to Christ Church--Simla
Athletic native diving from top of a 50 ft. tower to tank below, Fatehpur Sikri
Buddhist beggar's praying machine: its whirling offers prayer written inside, Darjeeling
Celebrated Man Singh Palace, Gwalior, covered with carvings and enameled tiles
Charming Naldera, favorite retreat of lords Lytton and Curzon--S. S. W. toward Simla
Cottages of India's summer resort, E. over Lowrie's Hotel, up Jakho Hill, Simla
Crossing Jhelum River by a bridge of three ropes, Garli, on Murree route, India to Cashmere
Cruickshank Road, E. S. E. past Municipal Building to Victoria Terminus, Bombay
Curiously decorated hall in the rajah's palace, Tanjore, India--pride of an extinct dynasty
Devout Mohammedans prostrate at prayer time--Court of Jumma Musjid, India's greatest mosque, Delhi