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Adeena Karasick, Cultural Theorist, on the Materiality of Language, February 2013
Alice Shields, Composer, on her Musical Life, March 2013
Andrew Stone, Postdoc in History, on Soviet Orphanages, April 2013
Angela Zito, Professor of Anthropology, on Religion, February 2013
Annea Lockwood, Composer, on Natural Sounds, February 2013
Arthur Knight, Professor of American Studies, on Cinema, February 2013
Astrid Ogilvie, Climate Historian, on Reconstructing Past Climates, February 2013
Benjamin Friedlander, Poet, on his Poetry, February 2013
Brian Kelley, Artist, on his Paintings, February 2013
Candy Simmons, Producer & Actor, on Solo Performance, Aug. 2013