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Letter to Frances Low from Tom English
Plate 402 (Plate CDII), Black-throated Guillemot, Nobbed-billed Auk, Curled-Crested Auk, Horned-billed Guillemot, No. 81
Plate 404 (Plate CDIV), Eared Grebe
Plate 411 (Plate CDXI), Common American Swan
Plate 431 (Plate CDXXXI), American Flamingo
Plate 435 (Plate CDXXXV), Columbian Water Ouzel, Arctic Water Ouzel, No. 87
Plate 314 (Plate CCCXIV), Chestnut-coloured Finch, Black-headed Siskin, Black crown Bunting, Arctic Ground Finch
Plate 351 (Plate CCCLI), Great Cinereous Owl
Plate 352 (Plate CCCLII), Black-Winged Hawk
Plate 353 (Plate CCCLIII), Chesnut-backed Titmouse, Black capt Titmouse, Chesnut-crowned Titmouse