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Title page, Volume I, Birds of America
Plate 035 (Plate XXXV), Children's Warbler
Plate 002 (Plate II), Yellow-billed Cuckoo
Plate 007 (Plate VII), Purple Grakle or Common Crow Blackbird
Plate 110 (Plate CX), Hooded Warbler
Plate 112 (Plate CXII), Downy Woodpecker
Plate 113 (Plate CXIII), Blue-bird
Plate 114 (Plate CXIV), White-crowned Sparrow
Plate 115 (Plate CXV), Wood Pewee
Title page, Volume II, Birds of America
Plate 131 (Plate CXXXI), American Robin
Plate 132 (Plate CXXXII), Three-toed Woodpecker
Plate 133 (Plate CXXXIII), Black-poll Warbler
Plate 134 (Plate CXXXIV), Hemlock Warbler
Plate 135 (Plate CXXXV), Blackburnian Warbler
Plate 136 (Plate CXXXVI), Meadow Lark, No, 28
Plate 137 (Plate CXXXVII), Yellow-breasted Chat
Plate 138 (Plate CXXXVIII), Connecticut Warbler, No 28
Plate 139 (Plate CXXXIX), Field Sparrow
Plate 140 (Plate CXL), Pine Creeping Warbler