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1980 Annual Meeting
Achievement Award Plan
Age of Information Management
An Address by Paul Mirabito - CEO Burroughs, 1978
An Address by Paul Mirabito - CEO Burroughs, 1980
An Address by Paul S. Mirabito, 1978
ATM--A Customers' Report
B1700/B1800: Remote Document Processing System
B1700 Presentation
B4955/2925 (Customer Version)
B4955/2925 (International Version)
Benefitting Your Bottom Line
BEST: Burroughs Employee Savings Thrift Plan
Blumenthal address: master tape
Bringing the Best Together
Burroughs 1964 News Reel
Burroughs: By Way of Introduction
Burroughs Computer Systems in Hospitals
Burroughs Corporation--W. M. Blumenthal, Chairman & CEO