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A Message about food : from the President of the United States : in this fourth year of war the need for food is gre
Am I proud! .. : I'm fighting famine ... : by canning food at home
Don't let the : absenteeism bug : get you : days off cost lives
Do your part to win the war : buy more war savings stamps
Do your part to win the war : buy more war savings stamps
Give 'em the old : 1-2 : 1 -- load : 2 -- unload all cars promptly
Going our way? : be a victory farm volunteer : for information see of the U.S. Crop Corps : see your county extensi
Localized war bond quota promotion : June poster designs : suggested radio tie-ups : suggested newspaper tie-ups : n
Of course I can! : I'm patriotic as can be -- and ration points won't worry me!
Save his life ... and find your own : become a nurse
Somewhere : an American soldier : depends on you
United we stand
Winning the war stars here
Winning the war starts here
"Won't you give my boy a chance to get home?" : don't travel -- unless your trip helps win the war
Every minute counts
Help send them what it takes to win : do your job with war stamps and bonds : equip a soldier? : adopt a soldier? :
Serve those who served : nurses are needed in : veterans administration hospitals
7th war loan : now.. all together
7th war loan : now.. all together