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An Urgent plea: save waste paper : ... urgently needed for war production: store bags ...
Build out rats : screen ventilators : cover floor holes : install metal flashing : seal opening : lay concrete floor
Exterminate the fly! : no filth : no flies : less disease
Fit to fight : how is your health? : let's all keep fit to fight
For a stronger : America : eat more of the right foods : special nutrition folders for Minnesotans ... : Minnesota S
Hon. spy say: thanks for the can you throw away!
Keep scrapping : America needs more : rubber metals rags paper burlap : separate the different metals
Saboteur : rats spread plague ... spread typhus ... destroy food ... destroy property ... start fires ... combat the
Become a nurse : your country needs you : write Nursing Information Bureau, 1790 Broadway, New York City
Books are weapons in the war of ideas
Books are weapons in the war of ideas
Clean dry clothes : keep him on the job
Conservation farming : increases yields : now! : this land works for the enemy : this land works for United Nations
Dental care : keeps him on the job
Farm scrap builds : destroyers : 900 tons of scrap metal goes into a destroyer
Farm scrap builds : tanks & guns : 18 tons of scrap metal goes into a medium tank
Foods that count : keep him on the job
For victory... put at least 10% of every pay into war bonds!
Fun, off the job : keeps him on the job
Get your farm in the fight! : use conservation methods : for bigger yields : now!