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(1) Energies and residues of manifolds and configuration saces of polygons
2 Case Studies
2 Case Studies
2D Materials, from Excitons to Elephants
(2) Energy of knots and regularization of divergent integrals
2 Industrial Case Studies
3D Image Acquisition and Image Analysis Algorithms
3D Models from Image Sequences
3D Optics
3D Segmentation in Tomography
(3) Hadamard regularization and regularization via analytic continuation
3 Industrial Case Studies
(4) How to define energies and residues of manifolds (From analysis to geometry)
4 Mathematical Program Case Studies
4ti2 -- A Software Package for Algebraic, Geometric and Combinatorial Problems on Linear Spaces
(5) Mobius invariant metric on the knot space
A Bayesian Imputation Approach to Optimizing Dynamic Treatment Regimes
A Big Data System for Things that Move
Ab initio molecular dynamics via the Car-Parrinello method: Basic ideas, theory, and algorithms
Ab initio path-integrals and specific applications of the Car-Parrinello approach to problems of aqueous ion solvation and transport
Ablative Rayleigh-Taylor instability
Abnormal refraction of EM waves in periodic metamaterials
A 'Bottom-up' Approach to Deciphering and Predicting Cis-regulatory Transcriptional Grammar in Drosophila
A branch-and-refine method for nonconvex mixed integer optimization
A brief introduction of Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
A brief introduction to Virtual Element Methods
A brief review of variational analysis
Absence of bound states for waveguides in two-dimensional periodic structures
Absolutely stable IPDG and LDG methods for high frequency wave equations
Academic Wages, Singularities, Phase Transitions, and Pyramid Schemes
A Cahn-Hilliard functional with long-range interactions: (i) steady states and the phase diagram, (ii) small volume fraction asymptotics and gradient flow dynamics
A catalogue of singularities
A Cautionary Tale: On the Effectiveness of Inertia-Emulating Load ۬as a Cyber-Physical Attack Path
Accelerated kinetic Monte Carlo methods: Hierarchical parallel algorithms and coarse-graining
Accelerating 4D PhotoAcoustic Tomography
Accelerating Shallow Water Modeling
Accidental Meetings
Accounting for temperature-dependent sex determination in crocodilians using delay differential equations
Accounting for variability and uncertainty in a complex brain metabolic model via a probabilistic framework
Accumulation in photography and video
Accuracy and stability of the continuous-time 3DVAR-filter for 2D Navier-Stokes Equation
Accurate Predictions Using Imperfect Models: An Application in Materials Research
A Charged Nanopore Model for Nanofiltration
A Combinatorial Test for Significant Codivergence Between Cool-season Grasses and their Symbiotic Fungal Endophytes
A comparative study of linear and semidefinite branch-and-cut methods for solving the minimum graph bisection problem
A Comparison Inequality for Positively Associated Random Variables
A comparison of lumped and field models for electrowetting of sessile drops
A Complexity-Theoretic Perspective on Algorithmic Fairness
A Compliant Molecular Clutch Model for Kinetochore Motion Driven By Microtubule Disassembly
A Confluence of Algebraic Topology and Numerical Analysis
A Continuous Mean for Finite Sets of Persistence Diagrams
A Continuous Probabilistic Model of Local RNA 3-D Structure
A Continuum Theory of Thermoelectric Bodies and Proposed Large-scale Application in Energy Conversion
A Control Theoretic Framework for Compositional Analysis and Design of Biomolecular Networks
A Convex Primal Formulation for Convex Hull Pricing
A coupled system of elliptic/conservation law arising in cell self-organization
A Critical Radius for Low Complexity
Actin Organization at the Cell Edge: Mechanism for Formation of Lamellipodium -Lamellum Interface
Active Clustering and Ranking
Active Community Detection with Maximal Expected Model Change
Active Learning and Optimal Experimental Design
Active Learning vs. Compressed Sensing
Active matter: Swimming bacteria and active gels
Active Sampling for Optimizing Prediction Model Reliability
Active scalars convected by 2D incompressible non-local flow
Activity at director gradients in living liquid crystals and in liquid crystal elastomers
Adaptation-driven Models of Cancer Invasion: Experimental Parameterization and Validation
Adaptation via Hilbert space isometries in homogeneous chaos spaces
Adapting the Metropolis Algorithm
Adaptive Approximations and Dimension Reduction for Bayesian Inference in Partial Differential Equations
Adaptive compression method for the Fock operator, and more
Adaptive finite element methods
Adaptive kinetic Monte Carlo for simulating dynamics in atomic systems
Adaptive Manipulation of Objects in Hilbert Space via Strong Field Lasers
Adaptive Mixed Finite Element Approximation of Eigenvalue Clusters
Adaptive tensor product wavelet methods for solving well-posed operator equations
Adaptive testing on a high-dimensional parameter with application to precision medicine
Addressing spatial uncertainty during remote sensing data analysis
A deluge of information: Advancing science with big data in the atmospheric sciences
Adherent Cells as a Mechanical Device - Probing the Forces and Understanding the Regulatory Circuit
Adiabatic Decoupling and the Partial Classical Limit
Adiabatic perturbation theory and the time-dependent Born-Oppenheimer approximation
Adiabatic shear bands in high strain-rate plasticity
A different look at transport problems
A Direct Constrained Minimization Algorithm for Solving the Kohn-Sham Equations
A Direct Imaging Algorithm for Extended Targets Using Active Arrays
A Dirichlet Process Characterization of RBM in a Wedge
A Discontinuous Galerkin AMR Model for Geophysical Fluid Dynamics: Application to the Coastal Ocean
Advanced Healthcare Research and Analytics: Catching fraud, Removing Waste, Finding Providers, and Happy Consumers
Advanced methods for American style options and Power plants valuation
Advances in Supervised and Semi-Supervised Machine Learning for Image Analysis of Multi-Modal Geospatial Imagery Data
Advances in Whole Genome Sequencing
Adventures in self assembly
A dynamic and quantitative protein interaction network regulating angiogenesis
A Dynamic Framework for Real-time and Regulation Markets for Smart Grids
A Fast Algorithm for Distributing Nodes with Variable Density: Towards Better Resolution of Coastal Areas
A fast and stable method for rotating spherical harmonic expansions
A Fast Approach to Optimal Transport: The Back-and-forth Method
A Fast Graph-Based Data Classification Method with Applications to 3D Sensory Data in the Form of Point Clouds
A fast N-body solver for the Poisson(-Boltzmann) equation