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(1) Energies and residues of manifolds and configuration saces of polygons
(2) Energy of knots and regularization of divergent integrals
(3) Hadamard regularization and regularization via analytic continuation
(4) How to define energies and residues of manifolds (From analysis to geometry)
(5) Mobius invariant metric on the knot space
Accelerating 4D PhotoAcoustic Tomography
A Complexity-Theoretic Perspective on Algorithmic Fairness
Active Community Detection with Maximal Expected Model Change
Active Learning and Optimal Experimental Design
Adapting the Metropolis Algorithm
A Fast Approach to Optimal Transport: The Back-and-forth Method
A Fast Graph-Based Data Classification Method with Applications to 3D Sensory Data in the Form of Point Clouds
A landscape of knots
Algorithmic Questions in High-Dimensional Robust Statistics
An Introduction to Image Compression, Old and New
An Optimal Transport Perspective on Uncertainty Propagation
A PDE Interpretation of Prediction with Expert Advice
A Self-avoiding Approximate Mean Curvature Flow
A stability estimate for the inverse electroseismic problem
Average-Case Averages: Private Algorithms for Smooth Sensitivity and Mean Estimation