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Zoomable Feedback Amplifiers
Zig-zags and statistics' bootstrap method, zig-zag persistence, other applications of zig-zag persistence
Zero viscosity limit for incompressible Navier-Stokes equations
Zero-sum stochastic differential games without the Isaacs condition: random rules of priority and intermediate Hamiltonians
Zeros of Generalized Eulerian Polynomials
Zero-Order, Black-Box, Derivative-Free, and Simulation-Based Optimization
Your Dreams May Come True with MTP2...
X-ray scattering studies of flow-induced alignment in model polymer nanocomposites
X ray Scattering and Phase Retrieval
X-Ray Ptychography
Wrinkling of vesicles during transient dynamics in elongational flow
Wrinkling, microstructure, and energy scaling laws
Wrinkles as a relaxation of compressive stresses in annular thin films
Wrap-up discussion
Wrap-up and recommendations for further actions
Workshop summary
Workshop Introduction
Workshop Introduction
Winged aquatic locomotion for high energetic efficiency through vortex control
Why it is so difficult to solve Helmholtz problems with iterative methods