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Amy Howard, Professor of American Studies, on Public Housing, February 2010
Ann Waltner, Professor of History, on Matteo Ricci's Map, July 2010
Brad Hokanson, Professor of Design, on Creativity, December 2009
Cindy Patton, Professor of Sociology, on AIDS Treatment, April 2010
Deborah Jenson, Professor of French, on Mirror Neurons, March 2010
Don Davis, Cultural Geographer, on the Louisiana Wetlands, November 2010
Evalyn Parry, Playwright and Musician, on the Fringe Festival, August 2010
Geoffrey Sirc, Professor of English, on his Teaching, February 2010
Jane Kirtley, Professor of Media Ethics and Law, on Freedom of the Press, April 2010
John Bohannon, Science Writer, on Dancing Your Ph. D., April 2010
Joshua Page, Professor of Sociology, on Prison Workers, October 2010
Judith Jack Halberstam, Professor of English, on her Writings, June 2010
Juhani Pallasmaa, Architect, on the Role of Architecture, April 2010
Juliet Schor, Professor of Sociology, on Conventional Economics, October 2010
Kate Elise, Director, on the Fringe Festival, August 2010
Kathy Jensen, Actor and Writer, on Acting, August 2010
Kelly Quinn, Professor of American Studies, on Puppets, February 2010
Leigh Fondakowski, Playwright, on The Laramie Project, April 2010
Margaret Crawford, Professor of Architecture, on Garage Sales, March 2010
Maria Fitzgerald, Professor of English, on her Writing and Teaching, May 2010