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A Stokesian viscoelastic flow: Transition to mixing and oscillations
Bodies and boundaries interacting with complex fluids
Continuum-microscopic computational modeling of non-equilibrium viscoelastic flow
Data reduction in viscoelastic turbulent channel flows
Effects of elasticity on high Reynolds number instabilities in Taylor-Couette flow
Mathematical issues in stability of viscoelastic flows
Nonlinear pattern formation and coherent structure dynamics in viscoelastic Flows
Non-modal amplification of disturbances in channel flows of viscoelastic fluids: A possible route to elastic turbulence?
On the oscillatory tube flow of healthy human blood
Simulating vesicle flows
The dynamics and stability of viscoelastic wormlike micelle solutions in strong extensional flows
Viscoelasticity of bacterial biofilms probed by flexible microfluidic rheometry