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Children in classroom
Children in front of Jan Hus Church in New York City
Group of children at guest-welcoming ceremony in Czechoslovakia
Group of men, women and children in traditional costumes with flags
Group portrait of a congregation in front of church building
K.D. Miller and Vlasta Vraz with President Benes
K. D. Miller with Eva Luklova and two children
Kenneth. D. Miller and his tutor of the Czech language
Kenneth D. Miller and Mr. Sedy standing in front of a rural house in northern Moravia
Kenneth D. Miller standing in park in Prague, Bohemia
Portrait of Alois Vymetal
Portrait of K.D. Miller and Pastor Jadrnicek
Portrait of the Keller family
Portrait of Vincent Pisek
Two girls in traditional costumes
View of Kenneth. D. Miller s room he rented during his stay in Bohemia
Vincent Pisek with a black bird