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An Eastern arcade with four bays.
Armory backdrop.
Cathedral backdrop.
Cathedral backdrop.
Cathedral cut drop.
Cathedral cut drop with three different compositions utilizing alternative plugs.
Cathedral interior with stained glass for translucent effect.
Cathedral interior with translucent rose window.
Cathedral leg drop.
Cathedral leg drop.
Cathedral leg drop.
Cavern with steps leading to glass door and a hallway made of a series of columns and arches.
Chamber of Reflection leg drop with stone arch.
Cut drop of arched stone wall with two columns supporting globes.
Cut drop with three horseshoe arches, possibly Arabic or Moorish in origin.
Distressed stone interior with wooden beams.
Drapery and marble column framed town on a lake at the foot of the mountains.
Exterior of Gothic cathedral with double doors.
Interior marble cut drop.
Leg drop with arch and treasure chests.