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A cut drop.
A cut drop.
A figure on camelback with pyramids in distance.
An Eastern arcade with four bays.
A painted curtain drop that includes an Egyptian motif.
A pencil sketch of the Nativity scene.
A practical gate, decorated with and abundance of Egyptian architectural ornamentation and cherubs.
A rugged mountain cave entrance .
A ruined abbey.
Backdrop with an Egyptian colonnade.
Backing flat or wall panel with Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Backing piece with Egyptian ruins, pyramid and river.
Brown and green ground cloth.
Canopied throne with two side chairs.
Classical facade of a stone building with six engaged columns.
Cut drop with three horseshoe arches, possibly Arabic or Moorish in origin.
Cut piece with Egyptian colonnade and fabric banners.
Desert cyclorama depicting three pyramids, sphinx, and caravan.
Desert scene of the Nile, sphinx and pyramid.
Directions for decoration of military flags.