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A cathedral interior with light streaming through window and onto an altar bible.
A classical composition of A "Z" drop.
A council-chamber backdrop, depicting open country and the heavens.
A cut drop.
A cut drop.
A gazebo overlooking distant mountains and body of water.
A landscape at dusk.
A landscape drop with a sky that reveals the Holy City.
A leg drop depicting a dungeon with skeletons.
A mountain pass with rugged terrain.
A painted curtain drop that includes an Egyptian motif.
A pencil sketch of the Nativity scene.
A punctured hole within an Egyptian wall.
Armory backdrop.
A rugged mountain cave entrance .
Ascension cut drop with Jesus Christ and angels.
Ascension of Jesus Christ backdrop.
Ascension of Jesus Christ cut drop.
A subterranean apartment with cream walls.
A treasury with a rose curtain.