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9 to 5 with Karen Nussbaum, author of 9 to 5: The Working Woman's Guide to Office Survival
Abortion Clinics: Violent and Non Violent Protest with Dorothy Feming, and Jeri Rasmussen
A conversation with Linus Pauling, medical researcher and author of "Cancer and Vitamin C"
Adam Yarmolinsky discusses specific security cases
Adolescent Women: Their Values and Concerns with Dr. Gisela Konopka
A Feminist Dialectic in the 1980s with Toni McNaron, University of Minnesota Professor of Women's Studies
A Feminist Ethic with Jackie Kinderleher
Affirmative Action and Women with Darlene Siedschlow and Teddy Bell
Affirmative Action, Going, Going, Gone? with Pat Reuss