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46 Lormont (Bordeaux) - Bassens
A game of volleyball in the gym
Building No. 1, Army YMCA, Camp Travis, Texas. 1st Group, 165th Depot Brigade
Christmas party, 1941, in the Cohen Building, Main Street, the temporary USO clubhouse, Hemstead, New York.
Class of illiterates, Army YMCA Building #1, Camp Travis, Texas. These men are from first group, 165th Depot Brigated. Building is devoted exclusively to Negro troops. Negro secretary is teaching class. Lesson absorbing attention of classics, "See t...
Colored men's work of YMCA's International Hospitality League, London
France World War I
Lounging Room, Army YMCA Building #1, Camp Travis, Texas. Men from first group, 165th depot Brigade. This guilding for Negro troops exclusively, employing Negro secretaries exclusively. The Negro gets the same attention, service, privileges as the w...
Negro Band 1st Group, 165th Depot Brigade, Camp Travis, TX., Taken outside Army YMCA building no. 1, devoted exclusively to Negro troops
Negro permissionaires, Challe-les-Eaux
"Stamp Counter". Army YMCA Building Building #1, Camp Travis, Texas. Building is devoted exclusively to negro troops, employing secretaries, exclusively. Men are from first group, 165th Depot Brigade. The secretary in foreground has just wrapped & ...
USO Negro Servicemen's Dance and Reception, 99 Nichols Court, Hempstead, New York 10 June 1943. Billie Holliday, "Sweetheart of Jive," James C. Thomas, Director.
YMCA Building, Camp Travis, Texas
Y" woman serving a colored soldier at a Y canteen at Tours, France.