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A colonade in the Temple of Dilwarra
Akbar's tomb, Sikandarah, India (Kohinoor was once set in pillar beyond kneeling man)
Athletic native diving from top of a 50 ft. tower to tank below, Fatehpur Sikri
Celebrated Man Singh Palace, Gwalior, covered with carvings and enameled tiles
Corridor in cloisters of tomb of Akbar, Sikandarah
Curiously decorated hall in the rajah's palace, Tanjore, India--pride of an extinct dynasty
Drunken dance of the eight-armed divinity, Shiva, rock-hewn temple, Elephanta
East wing Tiger Cave--S. W. into wonderful rock-hewn temple of Elephanta
Entrance to tomb of Akbar, Sikandarah
From Clock Tower looking north, Bombay
Grotesque fancy and patient skill of Hindu sculptors--pillars of the Temple, Madura
India's pride, the Taj Mahal, Agra, reflected in the Jumna River (View S. E.)
Jaina women worshipping at central shrine--Nemnath Temple, Dilwarra, Mt. Abu
Lake (dry), Palace and Fort of Amber
Lucknow's memorial to Sir Henry Lawrence and heroes who died in '57 (View N. W.)
Memorial at Cawnpore, India, to British women and children massacred by the Nana Sahib, 1857 (West)
Old Amber, seen thro' entrance gate
Primitive industry in old India--Hindu women spinning beside a Jain temple at Amber
Relics of a romantic past--Tower of Victory (15th cent.) and royal cinotaphs (sic.) Chitor
Sacred bull, 16 ft. long, 12 ft. 10 in. high, cut from a single stone, Great Temple, Tanjore