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A bookseller at Amritsar
A Parsi schoolmaster and his class of boys, Island of Uran, N. W. toward Bombay
A poor cripple's ox-cart, Calcutta
Blacksmith shoeing a bullock, Calcutta
Crowd watching a performing bear, Jeypore
Hindu housewives grinding flour
Hindu shepherds tending their flocks on sacred Mount Abu, the famous Dilwara temples in distance
Humble shawl-weavers at Cashmere patiently creating wonderful harmonies of line and color
Little Himalaya Ry. Train (track two feet wide)
Native blacksmith outside city wall, Jeypore
Native washermen at the native washing place, Bombay
Nepalese porter-girls who carry baggage many miles for two-pence, Darjeeling
Orchestra used at Dilwarra Temple
Primitive native life of India--Hindu women grinding at the mills
Shelling rice and gossiping with the neighbors--home of contented citizens of Cashmere
Spinning in the streets of Jeypore
Street sprinkler
Supplying the hay market of Simla, India--from the mountain valleys for ten miles around
Tea pickers, Happy Valley Estate, Darjeeling