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3 Novembre 1918 : Salute, o della Patria nova forze viventi! : "Marradi"
Britain for the British. : The British Empire Union : Criterion Theatre : the brutal treatment of British prisoners.
Britishers! : britishers! britishers! : you are invited... : patriotic rally : Sunday evening, April 7, 1918, at the
By the President of the United States of America : a proclamation : an enemy who has grossly abused the power... : F
Calendar 1918 : "The Pilgrim's way" : the road is rough before his feet... but truth and honour nerve his arm, and f
Clear the way!! : buy bonds : Fourth Liberty Loan
For home and country : Victory Liberty Loan
Honor flag : Pioneer Division : 1918 WSS : our quota is $blank] : buy W.S.S. here now and help us win this flag
Imperial Defence Union. : Germany's desire for world power : Col. The Earl of Denbigh... : 'why Germany went to war'
Nothing stops these men : let nothing stop you : United States Shipping Board Emergency Fleet Corporation
One two three : now all together! : Third Liberty Loan
Over here over there : work and win : the industrial worker is a soldier just as those who wear the khaki : will you
Patriotic rally : the war and the worker : speakers Sergeant-Major Bramhall...Captain A. P. Simmonds... : Friday, Ma
President Wilson's Memorial Day proclamation : a proclamation : whereas, the Congress of the United States, on the s
Put your shoulder to the wheel : to win the war, production must be maintained, and more -- it must be greatly incre
Side by side -- Britannia! : Britain's Day Dec. 7th 1918
Sow the seeds of victory! : plant and raise your own vegetables : write to the National War Garden Commission -- Was
Sure! we'll finish the job : Victory Liberty Loan
The Arch of freedom : help build a permanent memorial to our boys who made the great sacrifice
The Fruits of victory : write for free book to National War Garden Commission Washington D.C.