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4e. Emprunt National : souscrivez : Societe Centrale des Banques de Province
An Echo from France : "buy Liberty Bonds"
By the President of the United States of America : a proclamation : an enemy who has grossly abused the power... : F
Come on! : buy more liberty bonds
Credit Lyonnais : souscrivez au 4e Emprunt National
Emprunt de la Liberation : souscrivez : Ste. Gle. de Credit Industriel & Commercial
For home and country : Victory Liberty Loan
L'Emprunt de la Liberation
Make this the glorious 4th. : furnish the fuse... : buy your bonds here : partial payment plan... : Fourth Liberty L
One two three : now all together! : Third Liberty Loan
Pour la patrie : souscrivez a l'emprunt : Credit Foncier d'Algerie et de Tunisie
Pour le dernier quart d'heure.., : aidez-moi! : les souscriptions a l'emprunt national sont recues a la Banque Natio
Pour le triomphe souscrivez a l'emprunt national : les souscriptions sont recues a Paris et en Province : Banque Nat
Pour que la France soit victorieuse! : souscrivez au 4eme. Emprunt de la Defense Nationale : Credit Francais... : Pa
President Wilson's appeal for the Fourth Liberty Loan : an historic document which should be preserved
Provide the sinews of war : buy liberty bonds
Pvt. Treptow's Pledge : he had almost reached his goal when a machine gun dropped him. in a pocket of his blouse the
Souscrivez! : et nous aurons la victoire : emprunt national 1918 : Lloyds Bank France and National Provincial Bank F
Strike now! : he's fighting for you : buy liberty bonds
The A.E.F. to the President: "if the folks back home fall short on the billions you need, Mr. President, call on us