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W. W. Peter Public Health Lecture
Workers at a hat factory, St. Paul, Minnesota
Wisconsin Oxygen Hydrogen Company
Willys-Overland building
Western Electric Company, Hawthorne Station
Washburn's Folly - "B" Mill, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Washburn Mills "A" "B" "C", Minneapolis, Minnesota
Washburn "A" Mill, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Walker Vehicle Company
Victor Manufacturing and Gasket Company
Victor Manufacturing and Gasket Company
Union Special Machine Company
Union Bag and Paper Company
Tri-State Ice Cream Corporation plant
Superior Furniture Corporation building
Superior Furniture Corporation building
Starck Piano Company
Standard Sanitary Manufacturing Company mercantile building
Standard Mill, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Scientific Instrument factory
Purity Packing Company
Pullman Couch Company
Pullman Car Company
Pillsbury "A" Mill, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Philadelphia Storage Battery Company factory
M. Linkman and Company factory building
Minneapolis Brewing Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Milk Plant
Milk Plant
Map of Orange County, N.C
Mack Truck factory and salesroom
Loose-Wiles Biscuit Company
Littler and Davis Pie Company factory
Kling Brothers and Company building
Kling Brothers and Company building
Keogh printing plant
J. S. Hoffman Company building
John Magnus and Company
J. F. Cuneo building
Ives Ice Cream Company
International Leather & Belting Corp.
Independent Casing and Supply Company
H. T. Adams factory building
Gusto Cigarette Company
Gusto Cigarette Company
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
Frigid Fluid factory building
Federal Electric Company
Fairbanks Morse Company
Factory and office building