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Say aren't you supposed to be turning out tanks with the rest of the boys?
Together we win : get behind your labor-management committee
Copper country strike stereoscopic series
Copper country strike stereoscopic series
After the welcome home-- a job!
Stamp 'em out! : beat your promise
Victory starts here! : winner R. Hoe & Co., Inc. Award -- national war poster competition
Veterans : job in the federal government are open to you : you get preference in appointment : for full information
Veterans : job in the federal government are open to you : you get preference in appointment : for full information
... gemeinsame Aufforderung an alle Mitglieder und Anhanger zum Schutz des Arbeiterlebens, der Arbeiterlokale und de
Ol' red wabbler says : don't : turn a cold shower : on a hot roll
Ol' red wabbler says : it pays to be : fussy : about roll finish
Ol' red wabbler says : keep the neck and working pressure right
Ol' red wabbler says : rolls are tough : but : treat them gently
Ol' red wabbler says : watch the curves and contours
Ol' red wabbler says : watch your neck grease
Einheitskongre? am 10. Juli in der Philharmonie ... : Aufmarsch im faschistischen Westen ... : Gru?t mit Rot Front!
Battles can't wait : for those who are late
Don't follow the pied piper : eat, drink, play -- moderately -- and : stay on the job
Their absence is hallowed : will they forgive yours?
U.S. Newspaper : 40,000,000 working days lost through absenteeism in one month : "we have forces working for us all
Do the job he left behind : apply U.S. Employment Service
Arbeiter! Dein Fuhrer hei?t Hitler! Hieruber spricht Pg. Volz in der Offentl. Kundgebung
Pour vivre le mieux possible, produisons le plus possible
Travaillons beaucoup parlons peu
Life and Death in the Bakken Oil Fields: Bruce Braun, Mar. 2016
The Green New Deal: Melinda Cooper, Apr. 2009
The Green New Deal (Q&A): Melinda Cooper, Apr. 2009
Iron ore mining
Put your shoulder to the wheel : to win the war, production must be maintained, and more -- it must be greatly incre
Nicht so! Wir haben die Augen bei der Arbeit und konzertrieren uns! Darauf kommt es an.
Wir nehmen Belehrungen an und geben unser Wissen weiter! So nutzen wir uns und dem Betrieb!
Wir ordnen klar an und horen genau hin -- so mu? die Arbeit gelingen!
Labor Union charity drive
Interview with Louis Lerman, United Jewish Fund and Council Oral History Project Phase 1, St. Paul, Minnesota
The War's challenge to the worker : Friday, November 16, 1917 8 P. M. : Washington Irving High School Auditorium : m
It pays to have : dependable protection
Your country calls : enlist : plow -- buy bonds
Old timer : ... both you and that equipment are too important to national defense to take any chances ... electricit
Old timer : ... I know I can help out Uncle Same in this plant! : ... this national defense work is mighty importan
Old timer : ... let's break the record ...
Old timer : ... we need all you can send us ... : ... we can do just that ... national defense is the greatest safet
Time saved on your job : saves lives on his! : your labor management committee says: turn in your ideas to do it : b
For freedom ... : labor gives : its sons its strength its savings : Labor League for Human Rights : United Nations R
ILWU leaders pledge support to Tomas Garcia
Farm to win "over there" : join the U.S. Boys' Working Reserve : young men 16 to 21 : the army behind the army
Here's a war job for : you : railroad workers : urgently needed ...
Der erste elektrische Funke sprang 1663 aus der drehbaren Schwefelkugel Otto v. Guerickes -- Der Anfang zur Elektrif
Let's all get "steamed up" : "keep 'em rolling" : the railroads are the first line of defense
On rails .. : to ships .. : to victory! : "keep 'em rolling" : the railroads are the backbone of offense
25000 boys wanted for the biggest job on earth : join the Pennsylvania Division United States Boys' Working Reserve
Abrechnung! : Nationalsozialisten! Warum leugnet ihr den volksverraterischen Pakt ab, den euer "Fuhrer" mit der Reic
Almanacco sociale
American labor ... : producing for attack
An Appeal by this railroad system to it's 225,000 men : the management reiterates its position favoring the settleme
Angela Bambace sitting, with a flower in her hair
Angela Bambace, standing, speaking into a microphone
Arbitration brings industrial peace : workmen and employers find benefits in "get-to-gethers" : Minnesota points way
Are : you : doing all you can?
Are you helping the Germans? : you are helping the Germans : when you use a motor car for pleasure... : set the righ
Arms and the women help with defense
Avoid fatigue : eat a lunch that packs a punch!
Be a waste warden : fight waste today for : victory : tomorrow!
Big things from little ideas grow : speed victory : let's have your ideas
Bonzen und Herrenk... , ... Mit dem schaffenden Volk ... , Heil Hitler , Herren - Club , Hugenberg , Deutschnational
British bombs and shells
British guns: no. 1 : the women behind the guns
Capacity production : a 3 -- way responsibility: : management, labor and all of us
CCW youth
Confederation generale du travail : 1er Mai 1945 : Une Journee chomee de manifestations : Vive l'action des travaill
"Daddy, ain't you got a uniform?" "yes, son, this is my uniform" : the railroads are the first line of defense : "ke
Der Schrei des Entsetzens der durch die Massen geht, verstarkt sich taglich. Die Elendsverordnung der von Adolf Hitl
Devotion to duty : is a telephone tradition : high morale, devotion to duty, ingenuity in meeting new circumstances,
Don't : 1. don't use a motor car or motor cycle for pleasure purposes. : 2. don't buy new clothes needlessly... : 3.
Don't be a bottleneck : beat the promise
Don't let : idle cylinders : jam production : keep 'em rolling!
Don't let the : absenteeism bug : get you : days off cost lives
Double or nothing
Drawing of group of labor, with a Nazi foreman, and with spades on their shoulders. Shadow image of these men shows them as soldiers.
Eiserne Front gegen Hitlerbarone! : Offentliche Versammlung : Es spricht : Ortskampfleitung der Eisernen Front.
Empire war workers in Britain : a tank worker from Nigeria
Empire war workers in Britain : a volunteer from British Guiana
Entrance to coal mine
Every star means a fighter : hire a fighter for every star : United States Employment Service Dep't. of Labor
Fight world famine : enroll in the Boys' Working Reserve
Figure it out : working men and women... : Get back of your government with your best work
Finnish union members
Front lines of labor help win the war
FWF meeting
Geruchte sind wie Lauffeuer - wer sie weitertragt, handelt dumm und fahrlassig. Wir aber quatschen nicht, wir schaff
Give 'em hell, pals! : "keep 'em rolling" : the railroads are the backbone of offense
Give him the : greater : gift : freedom opportunity security : "keep 'em rolling" : the railroads are the backbone o
Group of Italian American socialists in Chicago
Hay rack and horses
Help RCA help USA : you and I : beat the promise
Here's a message for you : from those Koppers boys now in service : fellow miners ... we need more coal ...
Hibbing 7
Hibbing workers hall
Hoflichkeit und Offenheit erleichtern uns das gemeinsame Schaffen Besonders von Klatsch wollen wir nichts wissen: wi
Honor roll of women who will work to win the war : has he registered your name for service?