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Reform in Eastern Europe and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics: Impact on Trade, International Capital Markets and Foreign Investment by Dean G. Edward Schuh
Professor Stanley Fischer, "Reform and Structural Adjustment: Strategies"
MacArthur Lecture with Professor Merle Bowen, Political Initiatives and Economic Reforms in Mozambique
MacArthur Lecture, "Reconceptualizing Nationalism for the Twenty-First Century," with Partha Chatterjee
MacArthur Lecture, "Peasants, Nationalism, and Change in Latin America," with Professor Florencia Mallon, University of Wisconsin Department of History
MacArthur Lecture, "Peasants and the Politics of Production in Latin America" by Arturo Warman
MacArthur Lecture, "Peasants and Chinese Revolution" by Professor Daniel Kelliher
MacArthur Lecture on economic development by Arturo Escobar
MacArthur Lecture, Mary Layoun, Narratives from the Palestinian Uprising
MacArthur Lecture given by Dave Fleck about the movement for lesbian and gay nationalism
MacArthur Lecture, "Freedom of Expression in the Developing World," by Kevin Boyle, University of Essex
MacArthur Lecture, "Foreign Aid and Economic Development: What Have We Learned For a Brighter Future," with Uma Lele
MacArthur Lecture, "Feminist Challenges to Conventional Development Theories," by Joanna de Groot
MacArthur Lecture, "Development Agencies and the Ethics of Development Action," by Majid Rahnema
MacArthur Lecture, by Ron Suny, Department of History at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
MacArthur Lecture by Fatima Meer, The Peoples Struggle for Peace in South Africa
MacArthur Lecture, by Carmen Deere, From Sugar Dependence to Food Self-Sufficiency in Cuba
Human Rights and Warfare by Hernan Vidal