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Los Angeles YMCA
Birthplace of the intercollegiate movement of the American Young Men's Christian Associations, Fourth and Chestnut Streets, Louisville, Kentucky, 1877.
Market House building, corner of Hennepin Avenue and 1st Street North, also known as "Gale's Corners," second floor rented by the Minneapolis YMCA for 10 years beginning in 1877
Pool Tables at the Minneapolis YMCA
Detroit, Michigan YMCA building, dedicated March 1924, investment $531,000
President Roosevelt speaking at the laying of the cornerstone of the Colored YMCA building
Kansas City, Missouri, Paseo Branch YMCA
New York Young Men's Institute branch, New York City, as seen from across the street.
Front elevation and first floor plan for YMCA building type I
Second floor plan of YMCA building type I
A resident's quarters in the Old Mary Place YMCA. Young Men from the rural areas, out of town or from foreign countries always found a welcome smile and a clean place to sleep at the Y.
Association Building, Canton, China
Association Building - Canton, China, April 1919.
Association Building, Tientsin, China
At Gondrecourt the Flag Still Waves over the Deserted Camp
Baltimore, Maryland, first Young Men's Christian Association building, 1859
Beranger Gardens, Officers Club. Tours, France.
Boys Using Foot Pump
British Navy Canteen, The Bund