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Help where help is needed. A British woman who is doing the necessary sewing for the soldiers of the American YMCA Hut in London, stitiching a button on for one of them.
Here is a British YMCA hut in a village that was under daily shell fire.
Association Men
A big fun going up to the front.
A bulletin board showing letters and photographs of the mothers of boys at Camp Sherman. The boys never tire of studying this board.
A few of our empties.
A game of billiards at Eagle Hut, the American YMCA center and home at London for soldiers and sailors.
A group of doughboys preparing themselves for future business. This is a penmanship class in session at the Red Triangle Hut at Fort Slocum, N.Y.
Alexandria YMCA in MexCamp with British West Indies Troops.
A little home-made music givea a home-like touch to the tea room of the YMCA's Fest Hall in Trier, Germany. The photograph shows Miss Mary Wood Hinman, a YMCA woman getting the little band to play.
American soldiers being refreshed at a Y traveling canteen in France
American YMCA Building in France. Army Y Slide Set
Association Men: The Red Triangle Magazine, January 1919
A tank in action.
A typewriting class under the able direction of Miss Pauline Arnold, the vocational director at Fort Slocum. The vocational classes are always popular.
A YMCA in France
A YMCA unit on wheels. The American soldier today expects his service from the Association to be just as regular as his meals. Motor trucks such as this are used to reach the men stationed far from base camps at outlying posts, guarding railways, bri...
Baby with two cabbages.
Baseball game. Group fo people with cars in a field outlside a city.
Boulogne: The Button Hut