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$600.00 Check: This and fifty dollars cash was the gift of the military governor for the purchase of supplies
Abbott of Lin Yin Temple, one of the largest in Central China, and of two smaller ones;
A bible study group
A bridge in the Lin Yin temple grounds.
A Buddhist priest buying bamboo and watching the weighing. Practically everything is sold by weight, even to wood.
A canal in the new city showing a completed bridge and another in construction.
A cave near the lake which the Buddhists are utilizing as they do most of the beauty spots of the countryside.
A Chinese coffin carried by eight coolies. Coffins cost from $20 to $5,000 without trimmings.
A Christmas picnic party on Pagoda Hill.
A demonstration at the Heavenly Peace Gate, May 4th, 1919.
A double process. Spinning the large ball into a smaller thread and winding it on bobbins.
A fine arched bridge spanning the Grand Canal.
A finer crushed stone on top, ready for surface dressing. The building is a large mat shed in temporary use as a theater.
Afternoon on West Lake. Note the inevitable tea table in the boat.
A full feast and alone.
A group of officials and teachers in front of Provincial Assembly Hall after a lecture on wireless telegraphy
A gruesome warning. A robber's head outside a city wall.
A houseboat in action, a favorite "stunt" of the Chinese host is to take his guests out in such a boat as this for a visit to po
A lotus "pond" on the lake in blooming time.
A meeting of present and former staff members