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Examining a butterfly
Commission on Interracial Policies, National Board YMCA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 10-11, 1949.
Indian students attending First National Indian Student Conference at Estes Park, Colorado, June 9-18, 1914.
A beauty spot along a temple approach.
A Page of Buddhism: A priest at his private devotions.
A Page of Buddhism: A wayside shrine and favorite resort of pilgrims.
A Page of Buddhism: Daily worship in a temple. Priest to the left is beating a sweet toned brass gong;
A Page of Buddhism: Nuns - the price of the pose was a picture to each.
Mr. Yung addressing the people on moral reform at the Peking Public Park
Pagodas adorn most of the prominent hills of China, but one does not often find three together.
The Racial Factor in YMCA's: A Report on Negro-White Relationships in Twenty-Four Cities
Boys digging
Robert Wilson
Typical dance scene, Jacksonville Florida
A group of Indian Guides in their display booth
Small totem poles used by YMCA Indian Guides tribes
YMCA Indian Guide boys
Clifford W. Petitt
L. K. Hall
Colored Work Dept. Student leaders, Kings Mountain Student Conference, 1913.