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$1,000,000 national campaign for work among our soldiers and sailors : Dec. 2-9, 1917 : War Work Committee : the Sal
After a zeppelin raid in London : "but mother had done nothing wrong, had she, daddy?" : prevent this in New York :
All about Liberty Bonds : what are they?... : why should I buy them?... : how can I buy them?... : where can I buy t
All together : enlist in the Navy
An Appeal to the American people...
Are you 100% American? : prove it! : buy U.S. Government bonds : Third Liberty Loan ; U.S. Treasury will pay interes
Before sunset : buy a U.S. government bond of the 2nd Liberty Loan of 1917
Bond power means man power : buy a liberty bond today
By the President of the United States of America : a proclamation : Wednesday, the 24th of October, as Liberty Day..
Civilization's demand : buy a liberty bond now
Discredit the murder of millions : buy a liberty bond now
Eat more : corn, oats and rye products -- fish and poultry -- fruits, vegetables and potatoes : baked, boiled and br
Eat more : milk : eat less : wheat : meat fats sugar
Enlist : on which side of the window are : you?
Feelings of the man who delays buying his Liberty Bonds
Fight or buy bonds : Third Liberty Loan
First to fight : "democracy's vanguard" : U.S. Marine Corps : join now and test your courage : real fighting with re
Follow the flag : enlist in the Navy : U.S. Navy Recruiting Station
For freedom and peace of the world buy a liberty bond now
Get behind our soldiers, sailors and our allies. : send them the most food possible in the least shipping space. : d