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Answer the Red Cross Christmas roll call : all you need is a heart and a dollar
"A Sense of obligation for the varied and useful service rendered to the army in France by the Y.M.C.A. prompts me t
Baseball! : Chelsea football grounds Stamford Bridge : Anglo-American Baseball League season 1918 : Sunday, Sept. 22
Baseball! : Highbury arsenal football grounds : Anglo-American Baseball League season 1918 : Saturday, August 17 : E
Boxing : Thursday evening, July 4 1918 : at the Fox Chase Country Club : 8:30 P.M. all star show 8:30 P.M... : base
Children's Jewel Fund : doll exhibition : Dec. 10 -- Jan. 7 : come and see! come and buy! : Gloucester House...
Civilians : when we go through this we need all the help and comfort you can give : the Jewish Welfare Board : Unite
Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas roll call?
Have you a Red Cross service flag?
"Hey fellows!" : your money brings the book we need when we want it : American Library Association United War Work C
"I summon you to comradeship in the Red Cross" -- Woodrow Wilson
I summon you to the comradeship : Woodrow Wilson : answer the Red Cross Christmas roll call for universal membership
Keep 'em smiling! : help War Camp Community Service : "morale is winning the war" : United War Work Campaign
London county council : women wanted : for munitions work : offer of free training : with maintenance : classes cond
Oh boy! That's the girl! : The Salvation Army lassie : keep her on the job : Nov. 11th-18th 1918 : United War Work C
Red Cross Christmas roll call Dec. 16th-23rd : Where Columbia sets her name, let everyone of you follow her
Red Cross Week : May 20 - 27 1918 : the sign that glorifies the dollar : we have agreed to donate 10 percent of all
See him through : help us to help the boys : National Catholic War Council Knights of Columbus : United War Work Cam
The Children's Jewel Fund : exhibition & sale of dolls at Gloucester House, Piccadilly : 10th December, 1918... to 7
The Motor Corps of America