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100% She deserves the same
7th Vacation Ball : Grand Central Palace : Lincoln's Birthday Feb. 12, 1918 : the ball without an intermission
All about W.S.S.
An Echo from France : "buy Liberty Bonds"
Answer the Red Cross Christmas roll call : all you need is a heart and a dollar
"A Sense of obligation for the varied and useful service rendered to the army in France by the Y.M.C.A. prompts me t
Asilomar : "an all year home for any gathering"... : owned and managed by National Y. W. C. A. : reached by Southern
By the President of the United States of America : a proclamation : an enemy who has grossly abused the power... : F
Calendar 1918 : "The Pilgrim's way" : the road is rough before his feet... but truth and honour nerve his arm, and f
Can : vegetables fruit and the Kaiser too : write for free book to National War Garden Commission Washington, D. C.
Civilians : when we go through this we need all the help and comfort you can give : the Jewish Welfare Board : Unite
Clear the way!! : buy bonds : Fourth Liberty Loan
Come on! : buy more liberty bonds
Don't let them die : you can save them : send contributions to the Women's Apparel Association : Women's Apparel Uni
Eat less : and let us be thankful that we have enough to share with those who fight for freedom
For home and country : Victory Liberty Loan
Get behind the girl he left behind him : join the land army
Go back to them physically fit
Go back to them physically fit and morally clean
Have you answered the Red Cross Christmas roll call?