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An introduction to the mathematical modeling of blood clotting
Banquet and Keynote Speaker: Good Practices for a Marketable Future in the Mathematical Sciences. Carlson Private Dining Room 321 19th Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55455
Closing plenary talk: Metabolic engineering and metabolic modeling: where do we go from here?
Dynamics of Mammalian Visual Cortex: Challenges in Computational and Mathematical Modeling
Group lasso for genomic data
Hydrogel Based Chemomechanical Oscillators and Rhythmic Hormone Delivery
Interpreting the Past: Modeling the 100,000 year Problem
Math at IBM
Migration of ion-exchange particles under the action of a uniformly applied electric field
Modeling organic-inorganic interfaces across different scales: Modeling concepts and Applications
Modeling Tsunamis and Other Geohazards
Modularity, Feedback and Recursion in the EGF Receptor System
Second chances
Static problems of the chiral smectic and bent core liquid crystals focusing on the role of the spontaneous polarization
Team 2: Visually significant QR-codes
Team 3 Final Report
Team 3 Progress Report
Team 5 Final Report
The need for Fully Coupled Earth and Human Systems