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A branch-and-refine method for nonconvex mixed integer optimization
CPOPT: Optimization for fitting CANDECOMP/PARAFAC models
Fast solvers and practical implementation in PDE-constrained optimization
Mathematical Issues in Ionospheric Data Assimilation
Mixed-Integer PDE Constrained Optmization
Modern Optimization Tools and Electronic Structure Calculations
On Optimal Low-rank Approximation of Non-negative Matrices
Optimal and Robust Sensor Placement
Optimization in the Nervous System
Optimization, Learning, and Processes
Optimizing to Optimize
Practical PDE-constrained optimization at Boeing
Quantifying uncertainty in climate change science: Empirical information theory, fluctuation dissipation theorems, and physics based statistics
Retail Supply Chain at Target Scale
Should You Derive or Let the Data Drive? Towards a Hybrid Physics-based Data-driven Symbiosis
Sparse time-frequency representation of multiscale data by nonlinear optimization
System analysis via integral quadratic constraints (IQCs). Sector and Popov IQCs. Analysis of optimization methods.
Team 2: Modeling aircraft hoses and flexible conduits
The Scope of Linear Matrix Inequality Techniques