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Circadian Clocks and Switches in Cynanobacteria
Cluster Optimization in Protein Docking
Engineering Protein Structure and Function with Theoretical Protein Design
Entropic and Enthalpic Barriers in Cooperative Protein Folding
Exact Methods for Simplified Protein Models
Exploring Global Energy Landscape of Lattice Protein Models via Monte Carlo Methods
Free Energies and Kinetics of Protein Folding From Coarse Master Equations
Geometrical Methods for the Efficient Exploration of Protein Conformation Space
Geometric simulation of protein flexibility
Knot theory and proteins
Lecture 3: Simulating protein folding
Mathematical Models of Folded and Unfolded Protein Ensembles
Modeling Ensembles of Transmembrane Beta-barrel Proteins
Models and measures of virus growth and infection spread
Molecular Biology Mysteries: Knotting and linking in Proteins
Multistage Optimization for Protein-protein Docking
Network Models for Protein Dynamics and Allostery: Application to GroEL-GroES
Part 3: Protein shape descriptors
Structural Control of Motions?
Study of Emergent Transport Properties of Molecular Motor Ensemble Using Novel Computational Approach
The Energy Landscape for Folding and Molecular Motors
The Evolutionary Design of Proteins
The Network of Sequence Flow Between Protein Structures